At Stabil, we are dedicated to a job well done. That’s why we support industrious working professionals who construct, maintain, and service our communities with unique solutions for improving their comfort, efficiency, and safety while on the job. Stabil provides superior footwear traction enhancement products and other accessories, so whether you need to be agile, stable, or more efficient, our wide selection of solutions are ideal for helping you get the job done right. 

Stabil believes that building superior products means building ethical and sustainable products. This means getting smarter and more resourceful in how we ideate, design, produce and bring products to our customers. We have demonstrated that strategies to design products that are both Fit for the Planet and are inclusive to more people are both commercially advantageous and can be more sustainable for people and planet, and we believe we can create a resilient and vibrant business that truly offers competitive, sustainable value to our consumer and for our business.  

We have significantly advanced our climate strategy, materials management, and human rights due diligence through establishing new best practices and processes, enabling and hiring key staff, and building the institutional muscle to support these programs and goals. For more on these strategies across Stabil partner brands, please see Implus.com/Impact page for more information about Implus corporate climate goals and people engagement including Diversity, Education, & Inclusion (DEI).  


We made a commitment to measure our brand level carbon footprint and have begun work to reduce our impact by brand and product line. Our primary goal is to directly reduce our emissions by being smart about our packaging material and product design choices, while supporting our suppliers to make their manufacturing operations more energy efficient and optimizing the transportation of product from their factories to our distribution centers and ultimately consumers. Where our improvements in efficiency and sourcing are not enough, we will pursue opportunities to offset the carbon it takes to make and deliver our products.  For more on these strategies across our partner brands, please see Implus.com/Impact for more information about Implus corporate climate goals.


In the last year, we have focused our initial efforts to reduce packaging waste on specific groups of products which we estimate will prevent 360 tons of plastic, paper, and other packaging waste. These early successes are very encouraging and have energized the team.

In 2023, we initiated the redesign of our packaging across many brands with a primary focus on removing poly-laminates from the packaging. Additionally, as a member of How2Recycle, we have begun to review the labeling of our products to ensure we are correctly saying what is and is not recyclable. We will continue to engage our suppliers to look for ways to improve our packaging for full recyclability. Please stay tuned to see these improvements.


Innovation is key to Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitment. Whether designing a new product for the first time to use less material or rethinking an existing product to make it more repairable, our product developers are focused on exceeding consumer expectations and delivering our ESG goals.

Stabil products have an established history of offering repair and replacement parts. These can be found at https://stabilwork.com/replacement-parts.html.This is only the beginning tofinding new opportunities for ensuring our products can support our customers’expectations ofthe value of the product. We continue to iterate to find the balance between hitting new innovative targets, finding the right price point for our customers, and achieving ESG goals.Through this collaborative process, we are pushing our own boundaries, building new skills across our teams and supply chain partners, and taking steps each day towards meeting our sustainability goals.


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